Sometimes you just have to get naked and go running through White Sands desert in New Mexico. This is how we were born! This is freedom! #newmexico

red and black,

bell rose, nandina

its a wonderful collection owned by an individual<3

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You owe it to yourself to do something remarkable with your #Life!

i stood a space between two buildings and looked up at the night sky. somehow i felt refreshed.

Conduct Us

a fake stained glass of Osaka Castle

it was NOT a genuine stained glass, so i was completely tricked by it ;)

Osaka Castle, Japan

it cheers me up whenever i gaze it. i love Osaka Castle and my hometown.

Bunraku’s flags and puppet at National Bunraku theater in Osaka, Japan

Bunraku is a classical puppet play, its charmlies in the harmony of  puppeteers and the voices of singers.

ummm, to tell the truth, that play was so boring i fell asleep LOL



Kabuki theater in Kyoto, Japan


formal opening of a new KABUKI’s theater performance  (2008)

my favorite kabuki actor, Ainosuke acted as the leader of a troupe for the first time. i was surprised at orbs that emerged to the photo which i projected after a play.
i like his single-minded posture on the stage :D

Kabuki theater before the repair in Tokyo, Japan (Oct. 2007)

it was an amaging play for me that my two favorite kabuki actors had been costarring. ill never forget it<3

for two crimson flowers (3)

this is the vase named ‘FIRE’ of being usable in three different ways.

dahlia , dracaena , oncidium